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  1. Buddha on palm

    Buddha on palm

    USD 12.88
    An artistically carved buddha on a blessing hand. The size of the buddha is approx 14-15 cm in height. Learn More
  2. "tiny" Signature valentine combo

    "tiny" Signature valentine combo

    USD 12.88
    Our Signature combo. Ensemble of a lush teddy speaking out "I love you" .Comes with a red Mug and a heart shaped box with 3 ferrero rochers. What more do you need ! Learn More
  3. Dream to Win

    Dream to Win

    USD 10.46
    A motivational product to bring out the "chutzpah" in oneself. Combo of a Mug and a peach paste stone engraving Learn More
  4. Ganesha Idol

    Ganesha Idol

    USD 11.27
    This showpiece comprises 3 Ganesha's sitting on a wooden bar in a penancing pose. Provides calmness Learn More
  5. Tathaastu buddha

    Tathaastu buddha

    USD 14.49
    An aesthetically designed buddha statue that can adorn a living room or a study room. Fantastic gift for peace lovers. Learn More
  6. Handsome Hubby Mug

    Handsome Hubby Mug

    USD 8.04
    A simple yet crafty gift to remind your Hubby that you are thinking about him. Learn More
  7. Triple Ganesha

    Triple Ganesha

    USD 12.07
    A hand made Ganesha idols is seated on a wooden bark on a penancing pose. Great gift for Ganesha lovers. Learn More
  8. Teddy with rose

    Teddy with rose

    USD 10.46
    We always wanted to get a portable teddy that you can even carry it to office :)) I think we have got it close enough. A mini teddy bear with all the heart for you Learn More
  9. LED bottle mini

    LED bottle mini

    USD 9.66
    A mini bottle that is not operated by any switch, just shake the bottle so that the sensor hits the sides of the bottle. A beautiful Swan is on the top of the bottle. A great gift to have on your table Learn More
  10. You & Me under Umbrella

    You & Me under Umbrella

    USD 25.78
    A classic figurine of a guy and a girl sitting in a park under a umbrella and feeling that they are the only ones in this umbrella. Learn More
  11. Life is good when you laugh

    Life is good when you laugh

    USD 9.66
    A sipper with the theme " Life is good when you are laughing". An excellent gift to get a person out of their "bad mood" Learn More
  12. Happy is the new perfect  + pad

    Happy is the new perfect + pad

    USD 8.04
    A bold neon coloured mug - fantastic symbol of motivation and a handy scribble pad combo Learn More
  13. 51 reasons why I love you -  Pink

    51 reasons why I love you - Pink

    USD 6.43
    You might have 1000 reasons to love your loved one. But we could hold only 51 :)) Learn More
  14. Tiger Love Soft Toy

    Tiger Love Soft Toy

    USD 8.04
    Enough of proposing with teddies lets change the way now! Cool, cute and uber plush Tiger soft toy holding a heart with a Love message in it. Learn More
  15. Liquid filled Heart Frame

    Liquid filled Heart Frame

    USD 11.27
    Show them that they are your World! A lovely way to make your sweetheart miss you when you are not around, this frame will make for a thoughtful way of surprising her or him. Learn More
  16. Keep calm & twitter ON

    Keep calm & twitter ON

    USD 7.24
    Hello Twitteratis - want to gift someone a mug that reminds them about their twitter trolls :) here we are Learn More
  17. Secret Diary

    Secret Diary

    USD 6.43
    A very highly secretive diary that you can gift or use personally to power your thoughts Learn More
  18. Little Things Mug

    Little Things Mug

    USD 11.27
    The only thing that can bring a smile on someone is actually a "smile". Gift this portable smile to someone who needs it badly Learn More
  19. Cool Pink boy

    Cool Pink boy

    Regular Price: USD 64.46

    Special Price: USD 45.12

    A cute pink boy with a Cap and a shawl.Gift him to a home where he will be pampered ! Free delivery across India Learn More
  20. Snowman teddy bear

    Snowman teddy bear

    USD 58.82
    A cute blue snowman teddy bear bound to charm anyone who possesses it ! FREE delivery across India Learn More
  21. DAD mug

    DAD is my HERO

    USD 7.24
    You have always been treated as a prince or princess at home. Then there is no doubt your DAD is your forever hero. Learn More

Items 1 to 21 of 33 total

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