1) Operations Manager

This is our first executive hire at job location is at Chennai-India and we are looking for a hire at the top management.We are currently Self funded,profitable and your salary would be a mix of Cash + generous stocks.We have been in operation for 8 months and have served over 1000 customers.The job requires you to play several roles including COO/customer service rep/category manager/packer/driver and what not ! (Everyone at tinysurprise have these multitude functionalities.This is like a T-20 team:).You have to be an all rounder.)

You are the 10X Manager.We are looking to scale out 10 times and your responsiblity primarily includes

  •  SCM - Direct and coordinate day to day activities of the supply chain and ensure all the customers receive the products on time
  •  BDM - Manage partnerships with several vendors and create new partners as well.On a daily basic you would be liasing with creative people to churn out creative products for  our customers.
  •  Marketing - Introduce new products categories and scout suppliers for those.
  •  OM - Create policies and processes for greater operational efficiency
  •  HR Determine staffing requirements, and interview, hire and train new employees, or oversee those personnel processes


        Big Things

  •  If you have an entrepreneurial streak or have started a startup before - We have a large welcome mat for you.
  •  Analytical thoughtfulness and adaptability will be keys traits that would be looked for.
  •  Responsible to scale out our great customer service and fantastic turnaround time.

        Small Hoops

  •  Any College degree is acceptable.Fresh business grads looking for a career in operations can also apply.
  •  Being well conversant would be greatly appreciated.Knowing several languages is good but not must.
  •  Non Standard Long Hours
  • This is going to be  FUN if you love adventurous and open minded environment!

If you have any interesting experience in your career (even in school) kindly highlight that.Mail me on why do you want to join a startup and that too an ecommerce company to -

2) Customer Guardian

Customer support is one of the pillars at tinysurprise which has earned us good name and great amount of repeated customers.This is not a call centre job.You don't work with scripts,rehearsed answers or quotas and time limits.This job is idolized based on the wonderful customer support Zappos has been providing to its customers.You need to be helpful,resourceful and friendly.We view customer service as a pre-sales functionality to understand the needs of a customer.Unlike other ecommerce companies most visitors at tinysurprise does not have clue on what they want :) Its up to the customer service to help them in getting what they need.Do note that this job was handled by the founders of tinysurprise for a very long time.

Check out our FB page to know about our customer service

Your primary tasks include

  • Suggesting and answering customer queries on Chat,email and Phone
  • Answering queries related to the status of a shipping and  availability of certain products
  • Observe and deduce the patterns of products that customers ask for
  • Directly report to the founders and help them identify the products that customers want


  • Should be a great conversationlist in English.Knowing more languages is a great plus !
  • You should be patient by virtue.Good humor sense gets you some brownie points
  • If you are creative and have some knowledge about gifting we have a large welcome mat for you
  • Any college degree is acceptable.

Mail your cover letter and profile to why do you want to join a startup and that too an ecommerce company in your cover letter.