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  1. The complete package

    Sweet-o-Sweet Combo

    USD 28.19
    This consists of heart melting Mysurpa and Kaju Sweet box along with delicious Jangiri and Ravaladdus. Learn More
  2. Savories basket

    Super Savouries Combo

    USD 29.00
    This contains crunchy Murukku and Ribbon Pakoda with the lights of spicy Mixture and tiny thattais in an amazing basket. Learn More
  3. Diwali Mini hamper

    Mini Diwali Hamper (freebies inside)

    USD 44.31
    A Diwali hamper that contains all our major special gifts that could make this diwali a memorable one for your family. This is not a hamper. Its a small bundle of your love and affection which is going to bring 1000 smiles at your loved ones home. Learn More
  4. MEGA Diwali hamper [BIG FAMILY]

    MEGA Diwali hamper [BIG FAMILY]

    USD 80.58
    We created this hamper only to cater to the mega big families who share your love and affection. We have pumped in almost all our products and created a "memory" for you Learn More
  5. Rich Cashew sweets + Dry fruit

    Rich Cashew sweets + Dry fruit

    USD 22.55
    A stunning combination of 36 pcs of cashew sweets from Krishna sweets and a dry fruit box containing 50gm almonds, 50gms Raisins, 50gm Apricot turkel, Dry Dates 50g. Learn More
  6. Krishna Sweets mysurpa & mixture

    Krishna Sweets mysurpa & mixture

    USD 9.66
    Special mixture from Krishna sweets gives you the perfect taste to your spicy buds Learn More
  7. Chinna Chinna Thattai Combo

    Chinna Chinna Thattai Combo

    USD 14.49
    This consists of melting Ghee sweets and crunchy thattai's from Sri Krishna Sweets. Learn More
  8. KS Sonpapdi +A2b mixture

    KS Sonpapdi +A2b mixture

    USD 9.66
    Krishna sweets sonpapdi to reignite your taste buds.Taste it to taste heaven ! A2b mixture is well known for its richness.Comes with a crystal ganesha and fabulous greeting card Learn More
  9. Kaju box combo

    Kaju Gift box combo

    USD 16.10
    This consists of rich kaju giftbox and spicy mixture from from Sri Krishna Sweets. 2 diyas are hand painted and made of ceramic. Both diyas come with tea light candles. Learn More
  10. Krishna sweets Mysurpa combo

    Ultra Economy combo

    USD 8.85
    This consists of mouth watering mysurpa from Sri Krishna Sweets and spicy mixture from them as well. Learn More
  11. Krishna sweets Gift box (Milk)

    Krishna sweets Gift box (Milk)

    USD 8.85
    This assorted sweet box is an absolute speciality from krishna sweets.Comes with a greeting card. One of the best gifts for any festive occassion. Learn More
  12. KS  badusha + GS Muruku

    KS badusha + GS Muruku

    USD 9.66
    The mother of all the sweets - badusha from Krishna sweets now.And svelte murukus from grand sweets to tastify your diwali Learn More

12 Item(s)

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