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  1. Cadbury's Temptations gift

    Cadbury's Temptations gift

    USD 8.85
    Cadburys temptation is known for its delightful taste and nutty feel.Send this to all places in India and delight your loved ones. Learn More
  2. I love you this much combo

    I love you this much combo

    USD 15.30
    2 amazing products comes in this combo. Two products for almost the price of one. Two daschund dogs are here to explain your love. Learn More
  3. Boy teddy

    Hug me boy teddy

    USD 14.49
    A lovely plush teddy bear with HUG ME engraved on its t shirt at the centre of a heart symbol. Measures 1 feet in height. Learn More
  4. Butterfly Teddy

    Butterfly teddy

    USD 16.10
    A beautiful 2 feet teddy with a bright butterfly symbol stitched to its heart. Learn More
  5. Life is good when you laugh

    Life is good when you laugh

    USD 9.66
    A sipper with the theme " Life is good when you are laughing". An excellent gift to get a person out of their "bad mood" Learn More
  6. teddy and choc combo

    Teddy & chocolate combo

    USD 9.66
    Pair of cute teddies and a heart shaped chocolate box oozing out cuteness in tonnes. Learn More
  7. Giant American Teddy - 7 Feet

    Giant American Teddy - 7 Feet

    USD 145.06
    Its a humongous sized teddy where there is no replacement for any other big size than this. The height of the teddy is around 7 feet. Learn More
  8. Super Naughty

    Super Naughty

    USD 10.46
    We have friends and partners who entertain us with their impromptu surprises and uncanny wit. This is for them. Learn More
  9. Don't worry be happy

    Don't worry be Happy

    USD 9.66
    The only thing that can bring a smile on someone is actually a "smile". Gift this portable smile to someone who needs it badly Learn More
  10. Smiley teddy

    Look in to my eyes

    USD 9.66
    The most popular teddy from the "Smiley" brand thats going to tell the receiver what you are thinking. Learn More
  11. happy Go lucky

    happy Go lucky

    USD 9.66
    Everyone one of us have that person in our life who is this "happy go lucky". Nothing would bother them. They are unperturbed. Learn More
  12. cat pillow

    Cat Pillow

    USD 8.85
    We have seen heart pillows and round pillows. Here comes the cat pillow for all cat lovers. Learn More
  13. six foot teddy bear

    6 foot teddy bear (pink)

    Regular Price: USD 88.64

    Special Price: USD 72.52

    One of the hottest sellers in our portfolio. The classic baby pink is now a a towering 6 footer ! Learn More
  14. Side view

    Giant Jumbo Teddy bear (5.3 to 5.5 foot)

    USD 95.09
    Every woman's room mate who has kept them happy from their nappy stages - anyone who receives will not forget this in their life. So much is the effect. Learn More
  15. Romantic Boxer Dog

    Romantic Boxer Dog

    USD 12.07
    Here comes boxer dog ! With the boxing gloves on this guy will serve as the cutest partner for your loved one. He stands at 20 cms and weighs less than 250 gms. Comes with Free shipping and a fabulous greeting card. Learn More
  16. 3 feet teddy

    3 feet teddy

    USD 40.28
    The perfect size teddy that will create a WOW as well as that does not put a hole in your pocket. An adorable room mate who can sit on your desk. Learn More
  17. Life Size Teddy bear- India

    Life Size Teddy bear- India

    USD 64.46
    A huge 4 teddy bear. Amazing gift. Everytime, the person sees this in their bedroom, your love will be remembered.Can be shipped anywhere to India.FREE shipping across India Learn More
  18. Teddy & Chocolate in handbag

    Teddy & Chocolate in handbag

    USD 6.43
    2 pieces of ferrero rocher chocolates on a teddy with a small paper bag. A simple surprise to make the week for someone you love! Learn More
  19. Teddy bear proposing I Love U

    Teddy bear proposing I Love U

    USD 8.85
    I love teddy bear in a cute I love you bag. Get ready to cast a love spell on your partner ! Learn More
  20. Snowman teddy bear

    Snowman teddy bear

    USD 58.82
    A cute blue snowman teddy bear bound to charm anyone who possesses it ! FREE delivery across India Learn More
  21. Cool Pink boy

    Cool Pink boy

    Regular Price: USD 64.46

    Special Price: USD 45.12

    A cute pink boy with a Cap and a shawl.Gift him to a home where he will be pampered ! Free delivery across India Learn More

Items 1 to 21 of 23 total

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