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  1. Grand sweets -Muruku + Rava laddu

    Grand sweets -Muruku + Rava laddu

    USD 8.85
    Hand made murukus for your loved one from Grand sweets Learn More
  2. Choco Truffle Cake + Multi Color Roses

    Choco Truffle Cake + Multi Color Roses

    USD 18.52
    This is a premium variety of chocolate cake made with a chocolate ganache centre coated in chocolate. Multi color roses adorn the combo Learn More
  3. Mapping cities of love

    Mapping cities of love

    USD 21.75
    This is a gift which one of our support guys gave to his friends wedding. We worked on the idea of two different cities coming together for lifetime - that's marriage Learn More
  4. Starbucks hamper with basket

    Starbucks Coffee + Nachos hamper

    USD 26.58
    With starbucks entry in to India all the starbucks lovers are bombarding their cafes. We bring you freshly ground Starbucks coffee blend and some nachos as an evening snack. Learn More
  5. Superb Basket

    "Superb" gift basket

    USD 58.82
    A gift basket that contains all the "superb" imported chocolates you yearned for. Great gift for chocolate lovers. Learn More
  6. Refreshing Hamper for HER

    Refreshing Hamper for HER

    USD 29.81
    A refreshing hamper that will allow the recipient to make a day for themselves and indulge in rejuvenate themselves. Learn More
  7. Nivea Gillette hamper

    Nivea Gillette hamper

    USD 22.55
    A gorgeous basket assembling the biggest brands men use in town. Beautifully packed and delivered in a basket Learn More
  8. FAB India Mens Basket

    FAB India Mens Basket

    USD 29.81
    A small basket that caters to all the cosmetic needs of a man from FAB India. comes beautifully packed in a basket Learn More
  9. Fruit Basket

    Fruit Basket

    USD 20.94
    A healthy basket of apples ,oranges ,guava and lot of fruits to make an occasion brighter and healthy Learn More
  10. Personalised trophy

    Personalized trophy

    USD 6.43
    A trophy made of acrylic - a simple yet lovely gift for someones birthday or anniversary Learn More
  11. Happy Memories Photo Frame

    Happy Memories Photo Frame

    USD 13.69
    Your life is a story. Express it in a whole new different Way through our unique Photo frame set. Make a collage of all your beautiful moments in life that you wanted to freeze. When you look back after years it will take you to the moments into your LIFE story-- that you cherished the most Learn More
  12. Peach anniversary Square Balloon

    Peach anniversary Square Balloon

    USD 14.49
    One of the most unique balloons we have in our portfolio. A square balloon with embellishments of gold and silver lining on a peach foil balloon. 100% safe - helium filled - non-inflammable Learn More
  13. Hang the photos frame

    Hang the photos frame

    USD 17.72
    This is a glass-less frame where photos are clipped to a rope and beautifully arranged across the frame. Learn More
  14. Love you to moon and back

    Love to the moon & back frame

    USD 20.94
    18 photos collaged to form a moon shape and mounted on a beautiful rose gold frame. Learn More
  15. Heart frame

    You complete me Heart frame

    USD 20.94
    18 photos collaged to form a heart shape and mounted on a beautiful rose gold frame. Learn More
  16. Personalized thought balloon (3 feet)

    Personalized thought balloon (3 feet)

    USD 20.13
    A large 3 feet thought bubble that can be personalized with your message ( hand written). 100% safe - Helium Filled- non-inflammable suitable for both external and internal environment. Learn More
  17. Bogesi front

    Jet Black Bogesi wallet

    USD 15.30
    You can't improve on a classic, but we've refined our Bogesi bifold HORIZONTAL wallet with modern details such as sliding 2-in-1 slots, clear ID pocket. Learn More
  18. front view

    Textured Brown Bogesi wallet

    USD 17.72
    Our classic bogesi was a superhit and we just made it even more manly. With textured square edges now the wallet looks more menacing. Learn More
  19. Dream to win

    The "Dream" to win combo

    USD 10.46
    A motivational combo that can inspire anyone who is ambitious and goal oriented. Learn More
  20. First anniversary gift

    First anniversary gift

    USD 19.33
    "Mapping" your lifes' most important moments in a black frame. Will bring oodles of smile to whoever receives it. Learn More
  21. Green Yellow Bangles and  Earring Set

    Green Yellow Bangles and Earring Set

    USD 7.24
    An attractive green yellow set consisting of thread bangles and quilling jhumka set handmade for your valentine. Learn More

Items 1 to 21 of 58 total

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