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  • 5 Star

    Amazing work!! You all put a lot of effort.... really happy with the work ....

    Surbhi Shivam Goel

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  • 5 Star

    Awesome service.... I received the parcel at the right time. The guys who delivered it had to come all the way in rain for my hubby midnight surprise.. Thank u team and Manoj a spe

    Sharmila Jayachandran

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  • 1 Star

    Ordered a personalised portrait .The delivery was delayed badly.The portrait also not up the mark.It was just a copycat of what they shown in the website just replacing the picture

    Balavinayagam Rajagopal

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  • 5 Star

    Sent gift for couple of friends in the past 4 months. One delivery was bit delayed. But it was handled by the team very professionally. Second gift was delivered as expected. Satis


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